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ICEMedalert came about following a realisation that a family member, who had a range of allergies and autoimmune problems, was not able to effectively communicate the information to emergency first responders.   This was almost a major disaster as the medical team were not aware of the allergies that caused an anaphylactic reaction.   So looking at the existing medical alert jewelry available, made us aware that these could not give medical staff all the critical information that was needed to care for the patient effectively.    So we explored other technologies, and in conjunction with NHS staff, have gone much further with available data and implemented the use of tried technology:  The QR code.  By utilising the QR code we can now let medical staff download a comprehensive pdf file of medical information that can actually save lives.   AND MEMBERSHIP IS FREE FOR LIFE


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Lifetime free membership includes downloadable medical card with unique QR code access to your medical data (upgrade to premium for more storage area and free credit card sized membership card plus ad free, for 4 pence a day)

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Credit Card Sized membership with unique QR code

You don't even need to buy jewelry, we supply you with a membership card for your wallet with your unique QR code

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Engraved with your unique QR code to download full medical and ICE data.

More about ICEMedalert

Our FREE FOR LIFE medical alert data is really FREE.  Our basic membership includes a downloadable membership card with your unique QR code that allows a medical team to access any information you want to share with them.  This is important if Immuno Suppressed, have allergies and/or specific medical conditions and drugs.   For our FREE membership we ask you to complete a member form and we generate a unique QR code just for you.  At any time you can update the Data held on file from your own PC or mobile.  The QR code doesn't change, just the updated Data.    You can purchase some great jewelry from our online shop and we will engrave the QR code onto this for you, but it is not a requirement, its up to you if you want extra protection besides the wallet sized member card.    As part of the agreement for the FREE membership we ask you to accept occasional targeted marketing emails.   After you join you can upgrade to a premium membership for £15 per year (about 4p per day), which will exclude the marketing emails, plus add extra storage for additional information such as x-rays or medical notes (any PDF file, picture, word doc etc) PLUS we issue a plastic membership card and keep you up to date with any special discounts on jewelry for Premium members.  SO WHY WAIT?  sign up for FREE now - you never have to pay anything   CLICK>>>>>>


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